Survey Finds That Indians Always Prefer Goa & Italy To Enjoy A Gastronomic Holiday

The best place to get the authentic food and savouring it lies in the place from where it comes from!

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You might not be wanderlust but then if you happen to travel any place you can never come back without exploring the food culture of that place. To track the favourite destination of Indians on the count of their gastronomical level, travel website TripAdvisor made an India Gastronomy Survey of 2017.

A gastronomic holiday is that planned holiday which you specially dedicate to explore the food of that destination.

And as per the survey done by the TripAdvisor, Goa and Italy are the places, Indians love to plan for a gastronomic holiday.

Source: food.ndtv

The finding is basically a part of TripAdvisor’s second edition of its annual 2017 India Gastronomy Survey. The main objective of the survey was to track the habits and preferences of Indians when it comes to dining out.

While Goa is always the favourite destination of Indian youngsters to binge on and the house of best delicacies like fish curry, Vindaloo and Bebinca; Italy, on the other hand, brings out that exquisite taste of Italian food.

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According to the conduct, Goa bags the position for being the most favourite with 49% vote, followed by Kerala (35%) and Lucknow (33%). Surfing outside in abroad, Italy was rated with (90%), followed by Thailand (34%) and France (26%) as other options.

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Source: now963, food-stand

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