Supporters Of Vladmir Putin Partner With Maxim To Get The Youth To Vote For Upcoming Elections

While some are calling the campaign 'sexist', others are calling it 'democracy'.

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Supporters of Vladimir Putin have taken the support towards the president’s election campaign to a bizarre new level. The allies of the first man have partnered with the Russian edition of Maxim – a men’s magazine for the presidential election campaign.

Umm.. Just in case you’re excepting any articles or write-ups urging the people to vote, then you’re going to be proven wrong.

Instead, the mag has roped in models who would strut around in nothing but bare essentials while making a “request” for people, especially young men to vote.

A couple of videos which have been posted by Maxim on the social media have scantily-clad models walking around in a room trying to “incite” support for the upcoming elections on March 18.

The models are seen asking the voters to head to the ballot box.

However, the magazine is tight-lipped about the source who struck a deal with them. But according to the critics, the move looks like a covert Kremlin strategy to help Putin achieve the 50+ percent which is required to be elected on the first ballot.

The latest video to join the bandwagon is captioned: "Welcome to the world of adults!” The video shows almost-naked ladies drawing a comparison between voting and sex while posing in a fake polling booth.

The models are heard saying: "It's a bit scary at the beginning but soon you'll want to make it one more time", "Are you sure you're already 18?", and "All that happens at the polling station will remain at the polling station..."

The magazine has created an online group and anyone who joins the group is given free stickers with slogans such as 'Waiting for you in the booth!', 'I want your vote!' and 'Help me to undo my ballot paper'. Well, makes me want to add one more which says “Trick or Treat”! Sigh.

Alexander Malenkov, Maxim's Russian editor-in-chief has verified that the presidential election campaign is an integral part of the 'special business project' for the magazine. But he did not divulge into any details of the client whatsoever.

As reported by the Mirror Online, Malenkov did confess that the campaign and the eerie silence around it was indeed 'a bit absurd'. It was also 'one of the numerous compromises' he had made.

If you’re thinking this is quite a controversial campaign, then let us tell you it is one of the less notorious ones.

Some of the pro-Putin ads include warning issued to ‘black immigrants would join the Russian army if Putin didn't get re-elected’, while another one had a man having a nightmare where his family had to take in all the gay men who wouldn’t find partners.

Putin aspires to be re-elected for a second consecutive eight-year term as a president. This would also be his fourth term overall in the presidential office.

The other opponents in the presidential race are Pavel Grudnin from the Community Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the Liberal Democratic Party, and Ksenia Sobchak, a TV anchor, and journalist. In fact, Sobchak’s is the first female candidate in 14 years. She will be representing the liberal party Civic Initiative.

Only time will tell us if Maxim’s electoral campaign worked or not!

Information source: ladbible

Title image source: mirror

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