Superwoman Teamed Up With BILL GATES To Make Your Sunday Infinitely Better!

The video focuses on how efforts by people and institutions who care, are making the world a better place to live in.

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Just when you think Lilly Singh aka Superwoman can't get any bigger, she does. And this time, who should appear on her show but business mogul and philanthropist Bill Gates!

In the video, called First World Problems vs Real World Solutions, Superwoman talks about how the world, especially if social media are to be believed, is headed towards the apocalypse. For evidence she has the whiny tweets that many of us post with #FirstWorldProblems, like bad wine or too many free samples at the supermarket.

In response, Gates gives us a a hopeful piece of information about how things are actually looking up in the world, exhorting us to look at the bigger picture. The efforts of people and institutions like his own Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are working in this direction, and for all its evils, the world is becoming a significantly better place to live in.

Watch this video here:

Isn't the world a little sunnier already?

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