Supermodel Christiana Wins Whooping Rs 5300 Crore As Divorce Settlement

Christiana Estrada has been awarded with 5300 crore as a divorce settlement.The former supermodel wanted her needs to be fulfilled by her ex billionaire husband

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Christiana Estrada has been awarded so much money that 27 'Antilias' (known as the name of Mukesh Ambani’s private home) can be built. The former supermodel wanted her needs to be fulfilled by her ex billionaire husband, Sheikh Walid Juffali who is a Saudi businessman.

Christiana is a US citizen and was married to Mr. Juffali for 13 years and was living in UK since then. While Christiana had grown up in middle class family and always enjoyed a successful career before marriage. After marriage she left her career but now she again wants to persue it after divorce settlement. Thesun

Juffali had been married three times and he had left majority of his wealth for his three eldest children which includes Estrada's daughter. The sheikh divorced Estrada in Saudi Arabia under Islamic law but she was not aware of the divorce. Juffali married a 25 year old Lebanese model while he was still married to Estrada and the latter had no knowledge of this marriage.,1054,47,129Source: Thetimes

The court cross-examined Estrada and her needs needed a vast amount of money. She asked some 3 crores only for fur coats per year. She also asked 9 crores for her haute couture dresses. Not only this, she asked 2 crore for her shoes which she spends yearly.

Other things such as the cost of luxurious living homes in London and a countryside home in Henley-on-Thames is of whooping 33 crores (an amount for which IPL team members of Kings XI Punjab was sold).The only thing left was cars and she also got price for 5 cars which is nearly 1 million.

Source: Pudelek

Juffali has to pay Estrada her settlement price by 29 July. The man claims to be a fair man and is prepared to offer his wife the mentioned amount, though he could not attend court because of undergoing treatment of cancer. His lawyer claimed that the amount will be paid by the due date. Estrada said that she was a top international model and was accustomed to live a life like this.

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