Super Dancer: These Spectacular Dance Performances Will Make You Want To Watch This Show Right Away!

These kids show unbelievable skills at such a young age!

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Started from 10th September, Super Dancer is an Indian kids reality show with Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapoor and Anurag Basu as judges and Ranjeet Thakur and Hemant Ruprell as producers.

The show Super Dancer - Dance Ka Kal aims to find a Kid who can be called as the future of Dance. Kids between the age 4-13 have auditioned and 12 of them have been selected with great potential, passion and three Ds: Desire, Discipline and Determination.

Let's get enthralled with these remarkable performances:

Harsh Dara

With smooth steps and elastic movements on the beats, Harsh’s dance moves is one of the reasons why everyone loves this show!

Dipali borekar

The tremendous maharashtrian moves and with those on point expressions, Dipali Borekar stands out.

Yogesh Sharma

With the hilarious expressions and each part of the torso moving with every beat of the song, Yogesh manages to make the judges laugh and wins their hearts!

Ditya Bhande

With the right amount of energy and the perfect expression with every move, Ditya is becoming everyone's favorite!

Ashish Das

Ashish graceful movements and typical style makes it mandatory to watch the show!


Lakshya has easy, flexible movements and graceful coordination with the music and it all makes him one of the best competitors of the show!

And if all those above performances don't tempt you to watch the show, then this one performance would definitely will!

The show is aired on Sony TV every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM

Stay tuned for more!

Title image: Youtube

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