Season Alert! Suits Season 6B Will Be Back With Thick Conflicts

The latest season of the legal drama promises quite a few shocking twists.

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The last season ended with audiences quenching their thirst as they could see a subtle romantic spark between Donna and Harvey. What came as a shocker was Jessica leaving the firm in the hands of Spectre and Litt.

We wonder what new plot twists this upcoming season has to offer, and here are a few expectations and assumptions:

1. This Season might be about Darvey:

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Ever since the series began, Suits fans just wanted to see a little more of this secretary- closer duo and the last scene seemed to be a peek into their romantic life. As fans, what we end up loving about "Darvey" is their subtle hint of care and affection for each other. Unlike other couples on the show, these two have a more understated dynamic and the audience knows what they want to portray. Hence most propably, 6B might carry the between-the-lines love story of these two.

2. Fierce Jessica made a choice:

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Jessica was that badass lawyer who made people remember how fearless a lady she is, although to every fan's surprise she took us on a journey where she had to make a choice ( and you cannot anticipate what she wishes- yet you can empathise).

Jessica whose prima face image was that of a power hungry lawyer now chooses to leave her position at the firm and leave the governance to her foster kids Harvey Spectre and Louis Litt. She will be seen enjoying a steady relationship with Jeff Malone. Wonder how long can a career-focused and dedicated woman like her can stay away from her world?

3. Rachel might leave the firm:

The twist in this news is actually Meghan Markle's personal life. Her real life relationship with Prince Harry and their personal life attracting limelight is considered the reason behind her leaving the show. However, an official statement is awaited.

Rumour has it that Louis might patch up things with Sheila. However, the last season introduced a new face- Tara Messer- who was Litt's love interest. Yet there might be chances that Sheila might come back into his life.

With the firm in trouble, Mike just being back from prison, clients and employees leaving the firm and above all the big collapse of the backbone of the firm (no Pearson anymore) this coming season will thicken the plot with all the upcoming conflicts and twists! Stay glued for the coming season!

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