*Alert* A Few Spoilers Never Spoiled Our Love For 'Suits'!

Rachel and Mike's wedding might be on the cards!

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Will we see more of Rachel Zane in the coming season?

Will Donna actually get a place for herself that will make her more than a secretary?

What happens to Jessica on the personal front?

How will Harvey manage the governance of his firm?

How will Harvey fight the demons in his personal life ?

Is Mike coming back?

OHH MY GOD! My life just seems unpredictable and full of questions right now!


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It is time we quench our curiosity, a little spoilers never hurt anyone after all!

So, rumour has these little hints in store for the coming season of Suits.

When Donna says “I want more”.

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The dialogue that caught our attention from the trailer was Donna saying “I want more”. It is believed that this “more” has personal and professional layers. Now, the creator of the show, Aaron Korsh promised the viewers that there will be more to see in the Donna and Harvey realm. While the earlier season gave these two a “will they-won’t they” treatment, the coming season might have their tracks either together or totally away from each other.

Will Louis explode like an atom bomb again?

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In the course of seasons, Louis has been that human character that actually makes Suits believable to you. His outburst after every heartbreak, him displacing his anger on his fellows. to him patiently accepting the fact that he is not ready for the job of managing partner, Louis has come a long way. In the last season we saw him making the decision of confessing his crime to Tara, his love interest, thus putting his relationship on stake. There seem to be a few more rejections for Louis, it seems, and the conflict may continue.

You might gasp after you read the next!

There are rumours which say that Harvey and his therapist Dr. Agard might be seen together.



Who is Robin, who is Batman? Well, who cares, what matters is that Mike and Harvey will be together:

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There are no brownie points for guessing that Mike will be coming back to his temple, Pearson Specter Litt - this time legally. Harvey and Mike will be seen “fighting crimes” together as usual. Mike will also be working on major pro-bonos (does it sound like Karma’s work?)

And thus taking the law in his hands this time in a legit way.

A little more obvious ones:

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Rachel and Mike's wedding might be on the cards.

Given the news it is clear that Meghan Markle will be staying this season, putting to rest the floating rumours of her quitting the show for her "royal pursuits".

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