Suffering From A Rare Condition, This Woman Absorbed Her Twin Before Birth And Has Two Different DNAs

She began to fall sick in her early teens and it was only when a doctor accurately diagnosed it as 'chimerism', that she could get proper help.

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There was something unusual about Taylor’s body that was present at birth - a straight line down the centre of her torso which divides it into two halves with different skin tones. Doctors initially thought that the peculiar straight line was a birthmark.

During her early teens, Taylor began to get sick. Doctors were totally puzzled by the cause until one day a doctor correctly diagnosed it as ‘chimerism’.

Chimerism is an extremely rare condition which occurs when two fraternal fertilised eggs fuse in the womb. In a sense, that is the reason why Taylor says “she absorbed her own twin sister.”

In addition to her own, she carries her sister’s DNA and genetic makeup which means she has two immune systems and two different bloodstreams.

“I have two different immune systems, and I have two different bloodstreams. My body treats my sister’s DNA and cells as foreign matter and wants to get rid of them, but it can’t,” she tells The Doctors. It has caused repeated immune flare-ups and from multiple allergies.

Having a rare condition, it’s not easy for Taylor to find some valuable information about chimerism. But Dr Brandon Colby assures her that he will help optimise her health throughout her life.

Dr Colby, a geneticist, confirms that Taylor’s symptoms are consistent with chimerism. He says that she is likely to get abnormal results on many medical tests, because of the double set of DNA and two immune systems she possesses.

He also assures Taylor that chimerism is not inherited, and her children should not be affected.

Information source: thedoctorstv

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