These Students Selling Their Bodies On Dark Auction Site To Fund Their Education Is Disturbing

The dark website claims that the two students are “certified virgins” and the bidding started at 20,000 euros.

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We live in an age where internet basically governs our lives and while it is a good thing most of the times, there are occasions when it is disturbing.

These two students from Holland are making news for being a part of a really disturbing internet trend of auctioning their virginity online.

Lola (18) and Monica (20)* have joined the highly criticised website Cinderella Escorts. This site is a platform for women who want to sell their bodies for money.

These female students have joined the website in order to be able to raise money for their university course as well as to help out their families with debts.

Talking about her decision to sell her virginity, Lola said, “I want to sell my virginity on Cinderella Escorts because I want to pay for my school and live a life free of financial worries. I will also use this money to help my family with some various debts that they have."

Not many people actually stay with the person that they lost their virginity to for their entire life.

Rather do something like this where I not only benefit but I also avoid getting my feelings hurt by someone who might leave me when he's finished with me.”

Monica explains that she is auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder to fund her education. “I like that we live in a society and time where we can decide what we would like to do with our bodies. It's important to me to feel in control of my body. While some people may not agree with me I think that this is best for me and it will also help me secure my future.”

The dark website claims that the two students are “certified virgins” and the bidding started at 20,000 euros.

We just hope that cringe-worthy trend is put to an end.

*surnames not disclosed. 

Information and cover image source: unilad

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