This 36 Year Old Had To Struggle For 8 Months To Get His Aadhaar Card!

He thinks that the system needs to change and be more understanding towards the needs of the physically handicapped and senior citizens.

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The last two years have been all about the Aadhar card, getting it made, linking it with every account imaginable, and all this with deadlines.

Now in this situation, imagine having to struggle for 8 months just to get the Aadhaar card made. Or more specifically, struggling for 8 months just to get your fingerprints on the Aadhaar card right! Sounds frustrating, right? Imagine actually going through it!

This 36-year-old from Nashik had to struggle for 8 months to get his Aadhaar card because of his extra finger.

Gurudayal Dilbagrai Trikha has one thing in common with Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, an extra finger attached to his left thumb. This finger never really seemed to cause trouble for Trikha until he had to get himself enrolled for Aadhaar.

The 36-year-old resident of Gandhi Nagar locality, Nashik, was struggling for the last 8 months to get enrolled for Aadhaar, but his request was turned down by many Aadhaar centres because of his extra finger. Because, due to the extra finger attached to Trikha’s left thumb, it was difficult to collect his fingerprints properly.

The Aadhaar card registration requires fingerprints of both hands, along with other biometric details.

According to Trikha, what made the process difficult for him was that not only does he have six fingers, but also that his sixth finger is attached to his thumb.

“I even met government officials, but to no avail,” he said.

This unique case caught the media attention and was reported by a Marathi news channel. The media attention worked for the better and speedened the Aadhaar registration process for Trikha. The officials finally accepted his fingerprints.

“I completed the whole process yesterday and hope to receive the Aadhaar card soon,” he said.

However, after eight months of frustration and struggle, he thinks that the system needs to change and be more understanding towards the needs of the physically handicapped and senior citizens.

“The system should be changed. At least for handicapped people and senior citizens, it should be made easier,” Trikha told PTI.

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