Steve Wozniak, The Man Behind The Big Picture

There isn’t a better example of this than Stephen Wozniak. Steve was the brains behind Apple. Let us know more about 'the other Steve’:

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We praise actors for their dialogues, politicians for the work, builder for his apartment, but the truth is, we praise them because they know how to sell it and we see their face and not the others ones in front of us. There isn’t a better example of this than Stephen (as his mother named him) Wozniak. He was the brains behind Apple. Steve Jobs knew how to sell stuff, but that stuff was made by Wozniak. Today on his 66th birthday, Let us know more about 'the other Steve’:

1.  Perfection

Source: Apple2history

Wozniak’s idea is simple, yet brilliant. Perhaps everyone knew this but few would actually admit. He says, no matter how high the salary is, you would never put in your best for somebody else. So do something for yourself. That way, you will always strive to make it as perfect as possible without anyone telling you how to do it. This is how he made the Apple computer. He did for himself. He did it, because he loved it.

2. Learn

Source: Floridamemory

In those days, there was no internet. You did not have Google or online course to help you learn. Steve Wozniak used whatever material he could at that time. He learned everything by himself. This was how he was able to design the hardware as well as the software of Apple computer. As many other call him, he was a true wizard.

3. Be nice

Source: Businessinsider

In an interview he says, be nice to people, especially to those who you work with. If you want to progress up the ladder, you have to be nice. Arguably, this could be one of the reasons that Steve Jobs had many spats with his colleagues as being nice was not one of his strongest points.

4. A clear thought process

Source: Cbslocal

Wozniak says that before you finish making something up, have a vision of how it will be when it is complete. Once he made a circuit board and afterwards realised that he could have made it more efficiently. He scrapped the board, worked 2 weeks straight, and made it again. This is why you should be clear about the end product.

5. How it should be made

Source: Dailymail

Wozniak played around with computers because he loved them. But Steve Jobs made him realise that it is just as important that they should sell well. There is no point in making something up which won’t be of much use. Unless it helps people, unless it changes their lives in some way, there is no point in making it up.

6. Entrepreneurship

Source: Beebom

Nowadays there are professional courses about entrepreneurship. Wozniak feels it kills the whole idea of it. You should learn and grow by yourself and not according to how it is written in the curriculum. Everyone in the silicon valley would want the advice of Woz but perhaps, you should also listen to your own.

7. Steve Jobs

Source: Thenextweb

His relationship with Steve Jobs was… cordial. When they were both young and ambitious, they had a good friendship. But ultimately, their visions were different. Jobs was a business-minded man and wanted to grow the company, get money. Wozniak wasn’t that much interested in it. He loved the technology and the fact that he could make a change in people’s lives. Though they had differences, they remained cordial till the very end.

Title image: Bloomberg

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