We Stalked Milind Soman's GF's Instagram And What We Found Will Melt Your Heart!

The much-in-love couple turned out to be too-much-in-love couple.

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Okay birdies! We got some scoop!

Remember the brouhaha about Milind Soman and his too-young-for-him girlfriend Ankita Konwar? Well, when the news was doing rounds, we decided to stalk her on Instagram. But unfortunately, we fell flat on our faces when we saw her account was a private one. 

It now seems Ankita had a change of heart and her profile status and decided to make her account a public one. Oh, the joy of entering into her guarded-from-the-world Instagram account. Yeah yeah, don't y'all give me those looks like you're recommending me Black Mirror now! I'm just a fan and a heartbroken one at that.

So scooping and scrolling deep down her profile, we found the cutest pictures of the two so-much-in-love couple! From places like home to Lonavala, Gauhati to the Arctic, they've been there and clicked all. 

What was, even more, cuter was Milind's reply on almost all of their pictures! Jeez, this 53 YO going all 'jaanu' and 'sweetheart' all over her pictures will suddenly bring you 'awww' tears!

Don't believe me? Here of Ankita's Instagram posts that will make you mushy!

1) It all started from here!


#memories #mywickedman #happy

A post shared by Earthy_5 (@earthy_5) on

2) Awwww!


Someone wise said, forever isn't time but forever is You and I! #us #together #forever

A post shared by Earthy_5 (@earthy_5) on

3) Cute, no?

4) The one with Milind's momma.

5) A delicious boyfriend in tow and a delicious cake along!

6) One from the earlier days.

7) Okay, I'm a mush!

8) I'm not crying, you're crying!


Truly my better half ❤️#whenforeverisreal #loveislove P.C @dahiya_vinay

A post shared by Earthy_5 (@earthy_5) on

9) L.O.V.E!


When you wake up in two different countries! #whendoirun #timedifference ????

A post shared by Earthy_5 (@earthy_5) on

10) Goals!

11) Love and cakes are almost the same!


Because just one cake doesn’t do the trick for him ???? #bites #mylove????

A post shared by Earthy_5 (@earthy_5) on

12) A ring, ahem! Should we say the wedding bells are to "ring" soon?

13) Such cutesy things!

14) The "IT" couple. Really!

15) And a final one. (For now!)


Because you’ve got the purest heart of all ???? @milindrunning

A post shared by Earthy_5 (@earthy_5) on

Okay honestly, if I had a boyfriend like Milind Soman, I'd be screaming my lungs off the Eiffel Tower, let alone show off!

Images source: instagram

Title image source: guiltybytes

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