SRK’s Car Runs Over Photographer’s leg; Actor Rushes Him To Hospital

When the accident happened, Shah Rukh Khan was going towards Alia Bhatt’s residence for her 24th birthday celebrations.

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Shah Rukh Khan proved that he is not only the King Khan of Bollywood but also a King of hearts. Recently, SRK went to attend Alia Bhatt’s post birthday bash and during an unfortunate incident, his car injured one of the press photographers. Shah Rukh immediately came out of his car and helped the photographer.

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This whole incident happened when SRK reached Alia’s house and this extremely enthusiastic shutterbug jumped in front of his car to capture his photograph without realising the speed of the car and the car’s tyre ran over his leg.

The Raees actor immediately came out of the car and made the photographer sit in his car and asked his bodyguard to take him to the Nanavati hospital. Not only this, but the actor made sure that all the expenses of his treatment are covered.

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One of the eyewitnesses told "Shah Rukh was extremely polite and asked the photographers not be scared as he will take care of the entire incident”.

"The photographer who got injured is the new guy and he extremely got excited seeing the actor. He tried his level best to capture Shah Rukh in his favour and didn’t realise that he will hurt himself as the car was moving in full speed. But thankfully nothing major happened and the situation is now under control,” the eye witness further added.

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