Srinivas, Son Of Iconic Tiger Jai, Found Electrocuted In Maharashtra

According to a study by NGO Wildlife Protection Survey of India (WPSI), between 2010 and 2017, 84 tigers died in Maharashtra, of which 25 were poached.

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After more than a year since the iconic tiger Jai went missing, his son Srinivas was found electrocuted in the Naghbid forest range that falls under the Brahmapuri forest division of Chandrapur district. Shrinivas was radio-collared last year.

According to a report published in Hindustan Times, poaching could be one of the reasons behind the electrocution.

Talking to Hindustan Times, spokesperson for the wildlife wing of the forest department, Girish Vasishtha said, “Yes, Srinivas died after being electrocuted. It could be a case of poaching. Investigations are on, and the territorial forest officials are interrogating a farmer and his son.”

Forest officers found Srinivas’ body on Thursday afternoon.

Here is a video of Srinivas roaming around in the sanctuary - 

“Locals put up electric fences to ward off animals like deer and sambars. It’s possible that Srinivas could have also got electrocuted, and the locals buried the body on their land. It was the damaged radio collar that led forest officials to the two people,” Vasishtha added.

Some forest officers found Srinivas' damaged radio collar with missing bolts and nuts near a nullah between Kothulna and Maushi villages in the forest range on April 20.

Here is another video of Srinivas along with brother Bittu - 

Here are some of the pictures that circulating on the Internet which show Srinivas' body being dug out of the ground:

Source: Facebook

Title Image: Karan Mota @Indiansafari, Facebook

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