Sridevi Had An Unknown Sister 'Prabhadevi', OH WAIT! That Was Anupam Kher!

Jaya Bachchan actually fell for the 'April Fool' prank!

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An April issue of magazine ‘Cineblitz’ saw a headline splashed across its face that sent the world in a shock. It read:

“EXPLOSIVE: Prabhadevi’s Shattering Confession, “Yes I Am Sridevi’s Unknown Sister”

On the cover was a lissome lass with a pretty face who pouted away to glory! Well, Sridevi was beautiful and so was this face. So the world bought news with a pinch of salt and some tequila! No prizes for guessing the magazine was sold out in a jiffy.

Ah! Those good old mags of the 90s which has such sensational Bollywood gossips making headlines! Anyway.

The news sent Bollywood in a tizzy. Some even tried to dig deep to scoop out some more goss on the unexpected development. But before they could do that, Prabhadevi was already out and talking about the “guarded secret”.

Well, it was only eventually that the world got to know the “secret” which turned out to be - Anupam Kher!

Confused? Okay.

So Anupam Kher starred in Cineblitz’s April edition to fool the readers of  the eve of April Fool’s Day. The veteran actor was dolled up and styled by famous make-up artist Mickey Contractor. Shot by ace lensman Gautam Rajadhyaksha, nobody would have ever thought the pretty face would be Anupam Kher in disguise!

After the issue was published, the magazine got in touch with Sridevi. Here are the excerpts:

Cine Blitz: What were your reactions when Anupam told you what he was going to do?

Sridevi: “It wasn't like that. Anupamji didn't tell me what exactly he was going to do. One day, while we were shooting he told me, 'Ma'am main aap ko ek surprise dene wala hoon' [Ma'm I'm going to give you a huge surprise]. The whole day he kept telling me the same thing. So I asked him what the surprise was. And all he said was, 'Nahin, I don't want to tell you, magar aap bahut hassenge' [but you'll laugh a lot!]. ...The whole day Anupamji kept building up the suspense. I had absolutely no idea what he was going to do. I could not even imagine what the surprise was.”

Cine Blitz: When did you discover Anupam's surprise?

Sridevi: “After the shooting schedule in Bombay, I left for Madras. One day, after I finished my dubbing, I returned home and I met my sister and brother-in-law. They were very upset. They came to me saying, 'See what this Cine Blitz has done. They have said that we have got another sister hiding somewhere. It is so wrong!”

 Source: asridevi

Cine Blitz: Did you laugh?

Sridevi: “Ya. I found it really very funny. It was a really good April Fool joke for everybody. Especially when she said that she knew all the Hollywood actors. That was really funny and very cute in a way.”

Cine Blitz: Did you like the way Anupam was done up?

Sridevi: “Anupamji's make-up was really mind blowing. How nicely it was done. The credit for it goes to Gautam and Mickey. Of course the credit also goes to Anupamji. The way he has given his expressions was really great!”

The magazine even caught hold of Gautam Rajadhyaksha for a quick conversation about the prank.

Gautam who is the man behind the book, Faces, has even written in his:

“During a hilarious, if gruelling two-hour make-up session, the bald, round-faced gent was ‘morphed’ jowls and all, by Mickey, into the sultry, dreamy-eyed beauty called Prabhadevi. A great complexion, a near perfect nose and a mouth made for seduction, I’m sure Anupam himself had no idea of his hidden potential!”

 Source: thehindu

He further added that Prabhadevi had went on to become quite a hit even amongst the producers. Some of them even wanted to sign her for their upcoming projects!

Why the general public, the Bollywood too, fell royally for the prank. One such starlet was Jaya Bachchan who was quite shocked about the news.

She later recounted the incident as follows:

 “I was shooting with Amitabh (who had been told the night before by a suddenly stricken Anupam!) the day of the issue’s release. Jaya, having read the story, tossed the magazine aside with disdain. “Such cheap sensationalism. I admit she does look a bit like Sridevi, but…” I will never forget Jaya’s face when Amit, who couldn’t contain himself any longer, blurted out the truth. Disbelief, giving way to incredulity, shock, amazement, till at last she dissolved into peals of laughter. Sometimes, even now, remembering Jay’s gasps and giggles, I laugh out loud.”

Information source: thequint

Title image source: asridevi, telanganatoday

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