8 Struggles Of All Lazy Girls In The Spring Season

Winters are a blessing for lazy women. Springs are the Devil's own theme setting.

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Let us be clear about one thing. Spring in India is just a fancy name for baby summer. It sucks even more for lazy ladies who have been hibernating contentedly in their seven layers of winterwear in a takeaway-induced coma, for the last three months.

Here are eight reasons why:

1. Return of the Razor (Or the wax, whatever)

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You could go au naturel, but sometimes it just isn’t worth all the questions!

2. Shampoo, wherefore art thou?

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Winters are great partly because you can throw on a beanie and everything is sorted. But the spring? Dry shampoo, here I come!

3. Sunscreen struggles!

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With skimpy clothes and sandals, comes great responsibility. And ridiculous effort.

4. Fast food. Sloth-like metabolism.

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Unlike winters where you could just seek refuge inside your oversized sack of a jacket, spring is when the not-so-flattering apparel comes out to haunt you.

5. But working out sucks!

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So you thought you’d just jog the extra pounds off. Dreams, meet Reality, Heat and Dehydration.

6. Wedding da season hai!

Much to our chagrin, people also get hitched by the droves this season. And we bow in humble submission before the women who have braved social protocol to attend weddings in pajamas without makeup.

7. So. Much. Stuff.

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If you want to look remotely presentable, you need to load your bag with combs, face wipes, sunscreen, glasses, scarves and more whatnots. And then you actually have to LIFT the bag, and LUG it around every-freaking-where. Hmph!

8. The fridge is your Everest.

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Remember winter, when you could just leave your unfinished sandwich next to your bed because you were full? Now you actually have to get out of bed, walk to the fridge, open it with your bare hands and place the dish in it.

Or watch an ecosystem thrive in your bedroom.

Happy Spring people!

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