Here's How You Would Be Spending Time This Spring, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Ready to bask in the sunshine and get a little spring tan?

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Spring season is here and knocking out sunlit doors loudly! It is the time everybody looks forward to for a little vacay or a staycation or some spring cleaning. With travelling becoming a thing now, heading towards to the beaches of a quick mountain trek or a weekend adventure is no big a deal.

While India has a tropical kind of spring season, one can already start feeling the summer heat. But don’t let that dishearten you for a week’s getaway with besties will get you off the heat blues.

Now you can plan all you want but the stars play a major role in deciding what you’d be up to this season. We bring you a list of what activities according to your zodiac sign to help you plan your spring break.

So, what are you waiting for! Check out your zodiac sign and get packing already!

1) Aries - Adventurous Excursion

Paragliding, Parasailing, Skydiving, and safaris - Go Aries go! Make the most out of one life!

 Source: outdoorinterlaken

2) Taurus - Eating Exotic Foods

Culture to you comes in an array of all kinds of food. Enjoy the exotic platter your stars will serve you this season.

 Source: bjmjr

3) Gemini - Making A New Friend

Nobody said 'too many friends' ever! So, add another one to the kitty this spring, will you?

 Source: prasadkarwa

4) Cancer - Skinny Dipping

You're a water baby. Period. Then go a little overboard and enjoy the sun by going skinny dipping!

 Source: bendsource

5) Leo - Meet A Celeb

According to your stars, a celeb might shine upon you this season. Who knows, a Leo could meet Leo!

 Source: ebaumsworld

6) Virgo - Doing Something Spontaneous

Most of the beautiful memories in life are the ones not planned or penciled down. So living up to that motto, why not go and have a little fun in the moment!

 Source: bobsegarini

7) Libra - Cutting The Drama

You're going to confront that cunning office receptionist or that nosey landlady to cut the drama in your life. Spring cleaning indeed!

 Source: quotemaster

8) Scorpio - Falling In Love

You guys are out and out lovers. Staying atuned to the basic characteristics, you'll be welcoming love in your life this season.

 Source: powerofpositivity

9) Sagittarius - Settling In A Home Base

After having a gypsy's stint for all these years, you are now ready to call a particular city yoru home base. A fresh start this spring!

 Source: fifimcgee

10) Capricorn - Attend A Concert

You'll be on a 'Highway to Hell' kinda stint if AC/DC had their way. But nonetheless, you can still make it to your other favorites this season.

 Source: stylevanity

11) Aquarius - Solo Trip

The stars suggest a solo trip for an introvert soul like yours. A little peace, a little solitude and ample of you - this season.

 Source: theindianexpress

12) Pisces - Soul-searching Time

You will probably pick a book and head to a coffee shop or sit in the park by yourself but in any-which-way, you will be meeting your inner self this vacay season.

 Source: thegoodmenproject

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