This Spanish Artist Captured Some Haunting Pictures of Kids Using A 166 Year Old Technique!

Jacqueline’s series revolves around the transition from childhood to adolescence!

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Jacqueline Roberts, a Spanish artist takes us back to the good old days through her spooky yet alluring pictures of kids using the Wet Plate Photography (also known as the collodion process).

Discovered in 1851, the technique requires a portable darkroom, it combined desirable qualities of the calotype process (enabling an unlimited number of prints from a single negative) and the daguerreotype (creating a sharpness and clarity that could not be achieved with paper negatives). 

Jacqueline disagrees with the typical perception that children are cute innocent creatures. In fact their rawness, their fresh unawareness, and their uncompromising ability to be as they are appealed her to create this amazing photo series.

Jacqueline’s series revolves around the transition from childhood to adolescence.

Scroll down to captivate yourself with eerily beautiful pictures!















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