SpaceX To Launch Tesla Roadster Into Space With Spacecraft Falcon Heavy!

Musk’s love affair with the cosmos seems to be getting deeper with time.

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Oh the joys of owning a space technology company! One could do whatever they wanted, without having to explain much or even seek permissions. We mean for the legit stuff, of course!

Now that we know SpaceX is working on some serious Mars-colonization projects, Elon Musk, the owner is on a little funny mission of his own for the same project.

In a tweet, Musk announced that the reusable, super heavy-lift launch craft ‘Falcon Heavy’ will set off from the Cape Canaveral. Falcon has double the thrust than of any close contender space rockets, according to Musk. Impressive, we say!

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However, the inaugural launch has a bit of a surprise. And, amusing at that.

In another tweet, Musk announced that he would put a ‘midnight cherry’ to this cake of a launch. He plans to put Tesla Roadster into space which will play David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ at a deafening volume!


Yes, you read it just like we put it. People went berserk after reading the Musk’s tweet. Here are some samples-



All in all, I guess it is going be amazing to watch a Tesla blast off to Bowie’s hit number into space.

Well, this is not the first time Musk has shown his streak of being crazy. Sometime back, he sent a wheel of cheese along with the first Dragon spacecraft flight. As reported by the LA Times, the idea behind doing so was to send out a little tribute to Monty Python’s famous cheese shop sketch. Musk hadn’t revealed to anyone what the little ‘secret payload’ was. Soon after the rocket set off from planet earth, he told about what it is. Reason? He did not want the good work done by SpaceX to be overshadowed by this little secret. Responsibly crazy, should we say?

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It was the first time a private company had launched its spaceship into the orbit and have it survive and even re-enter! Before SpaceX, the US, China, Japan, India, European Space Agency and Russia were the only countries to achieve this feat.

Musk’s love affair with the cosmos seems to be getting deeper with time.

He was heard announcing the idea of having an ‘Interplanetary Transport System’, at last year’s International Astronautical Congress and named it the BFR or Big Fucking Rocket. He even hopes that a spacecraft shall be used to travel back and forth from Mars to Earth. Wow!

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