The Latest Song You And Me From Befikre Is All Things Adorable And Playful: Have A Look!

Till...they fall in love!

Befikre, You And Me, Ranveer Singh, Vani Kapoor, Aditya Chopra

Dono ek sath taale ko lock karenge, chaabi paani me fekenge and kasam khaenge ki ek dusre ko love karne ki galati kabhi nahi karenge.


No Strings Attached!

Friends With Benefits!

Playing Holi on international pavements together?

Splashing water over one another jumping in to a puddle together,
Tasting exotic cuisines on some continental Khau Galli together,
Getting into tiffs with vendors over petty reasons, together,
Hopping around weddings dressed as penguins together,


Source: media247

Celebrating birthdays sharing cakes together,
Acing those dance steps on the bridge together,
Watching football, hooting, rooting for their team together,
Going crazy yelling at Karaoke nights together,
Racing bikes to their hearts will together,
Messing around the hospital together,
And ending their oh-so-special-kinda-relationship by being drinking buddies at night together,


Will it happen will it not? Only Aditya Chopra knows what's in store but as of now this song is absolutely LOVE! Peppy beats, beautiful locales and a couple that couldn’t be yummier!

You and Me from Befikre is the latest track on the block. Here, have a look!

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