Son Of An Auto Driver Gets A Free Ticket Worth Rs 75,000 For Justin Beiber’s Mumbai Concert

The concert will be held in Mumbai at D Y Patil Stadium on May 10.

Son of auto driver, Mumbai, Justin Beiber Concert, 75000/-, Free Ticket

A 22-year-old boy from the dream city-Mumbai got a chance to live his dream when he bagged a golden ticket of rupees 75,000 from the organisers of White Fox India.

The boy is a son of a 50-year-old auto driver and is a big fan of Canadian singer and songwriter- Justin Beiber.

Like many other fans, the boy also wanted to attend the concert but couldn’t spare the money to spend on the tickets. So, he dropped messages on the tour’s official page with a hope of receiving a message from them. Arjun Jain, one of the organisers of White Fox India didn’t let his hope go in despair.

He fulfilled his wish by giving this boy the golden ticket which also gives him a privilege of backstage access and merchandises. The concert will be held at Mumbai's DY Patil Stadium on May 10.

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"Yes, it's true; we have given the golden ticket to a fan of Justin Bieber who didn't have the means to afford the tickets," said Jain in a general statement reported by IANS. 

"Justin Bieber has always believed in charity and we wanted to ensure there is greater meaning to the Purpose Tour and we can extend our support to the causes he supports. We are also looking at partnering with NGOs to donate certain proceeds of the concert to a noble cause," he added.

As they say, kisi cheez ko agar dil se chaho ... to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai!

You were right, SRK!

Title image: hindustantimes

Information source: ndtv

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