Solve Any Number Of Problems: 5 Ways To Improve Your Critical Thinking

Solution For Everything Using Critical Thinking

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Every day in our lives is bound by decisions and choices. Decision making, similar to breathing, is a daily ritual and the basic essence to all the profound outcomes and progressions. The small every day choices that might seem trivial to you, are originally paving way for your future and lifestyle. We, as humans, tend to make mistakes way too often. So how do we assure ourselves that we are capable of making perfect decisions and correct choices?

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To alter and perfect your daily choices, which in turn have a great impact on your long term success and happiness, critical thinking is one greatly effective technique. Critical thinking is an analytical way of approaching a question in a way that allows us to deconstruct a question, reveal its hidden issues and make the best decision.

And hence, we bring to you these 5 simple ways you can help improve your critical thinking and make wise, non-regrettable decisions:

1. Know what you’re looking for

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Whenever bound by a dilemma or confusion, ask yourselves questions like, ‘what exactly am I looking for?’, ‘How is it beneficial to me?’ ‘Why am I choosing this and not that?’

Such questions would help you think critically and help you find what you’re looking for.

2. Gather all the information

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Seek advice from the relatives, friends and experts. Having a clear idea of your decisions will help you understand what is more applicable. Gathering information will help you weigh different options and in turn help you make the decision with proper analysis and critical thinking.

3. Ask critical questions

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When you’re facing a decision, ask yourself various questions that reveal your choice subtly and honestly. Questions like, ‘is my interpretation of the situation logically sound?’ ‘What are the assumptions of the situation?’ ‘What are the basic concepts?’

4. Consider the implications

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Of the choice you’re about to make, it is essential to think through the choices by considering the after-effects of the choice you’re about to make. You can ask yourself such questions: ‘Is the decision I am about to make effective for long term?’ ‘How will my decision affect myself and my surroundings?’

5. Take note of everyone’s point of view

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Considering the situation that you are in, try looking through everyone else’s eyes and take note of everyone’s point of view towards the situation. Know which choices they would have made instead. This will help you explore alternative choices, evaluate your own choices and help you make more informed decisions.

These few tips will not only help you make wise decisions, but will also reduce the redundant mistakes that everyone’s bound to commit.

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