Sold To A Sheikh At 12, This Former Prostitute Has A Terrifying Tale To Share

How many times do we treat prostitutes as humans and consider their circumstances before passing judgments?

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A wise man once said that “Call a jack a jack. Call a spade a spade. But always call a whore a lady". But sadly, our mentality is so sickened that we don't really follow the statements. Without beating around the bush, let's get things straight. Prostitution is regarded as a blot on our society. We have such pre-conceived notions about a prostitute, that we judge her instantly! But have you ever thought, what made her do things, she's doing now? Who brought her into this? What's her story? Was she forced or she's selling her body, willingly? Well, to bust your myths, you should definitely hear what this former prostitute has to say!

A thread on Quora asked a question, "What is the saddest thing about you, and why?". A lot of users shared their experiences, but one account, in particular was spine-chilling.

Here is the heart-wrenching story of a survivor, who redeemed her life from the pothole of prostitution:

The user was kidnapped at the age of 12, near her home.

"I was kidnapped from a park near my home after my 12th birthday, the last birthday party I ever had".

She was unconscious and by the time she realized, she was in a truck.

"My eyes, hands, & feet tied, my mouth gagged. I remember bumping against the cold hard walls of a moving vehicle".

When she was conscious, she found out that she was in a room. She was cleaned and someone fed her. Moreover, the kidnappers used to cover her face with a pillow so that she couldn’t scream for help. Actually, they wanted to protect her from the beatings by the master for being a nuisance. She was sold and raped over and over again.

"My virginity was sold to a Sheikh in a big bungalow. He raped me for days or maybe weeks. I was eventually raped by all his companions when he was done with me".

Source: mobile

"Men came and did what they wanted to. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep because of the anguish, sometimes because of the physical pain. Sometimes I woke up to a man already inside me."

"Sometimes a doctor came in to fix my hymen."

Source: thevalleyreport

The only time humanity was shown to her was when a woman came and fed her and also helped her clean heself. The woman sympathized with her, but nothing was in her hand. Soon, the woman was gone! And there was no one to support her emotionally.

"I cried for hours.. or may be days or weeks..."

Eventually, the whole scenario changed, the Sheikhs stopped coming. She was shifted to a new place. The new place also brought different men, all suited up!

"I was trained to dress up, put on makeup, & dance. I was trained to provide a number of services that my master made me practice with him, on him."

Source: kuni

"I was like a robot. I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t even have the will to stop or rebel. I was just taking orders."

One day, the tables turned and a woman in a khakee suit came to her rescue. She asked the girl her name. But the sufferings had taken a toll on her and she couldn't recall her birth name.

"For the first time since my kidnapping, a woman in a cotton suit came towards me & hugged me. She told me that they were there to save me".

The poor girl suffered a lot. She had to go through multiple unsafe abortions. As a consequence, she will never be able to bear a child. Her wrist was broken by a client and it will never move, like it did earlier.

The NGO which accompanied the police during the rescue operation found her parents' address. They come to know that the girl's mother had died due to organ failure as she gave up food after her disappearance, her father couldn’t face the truth and he also committed suicide.

She stays in Delhi now. With the help of the NGO, she joined computer and foreign language courses.

"I now work at a computer centre as a teacher. I live in a rented flat with 2 girls."

Since then, things have become somewhat normal. She now has a boyfriend who loves her and supports her, willing to overlook her past.

"I still sometimes can’t sleep. I wake up thinking I’m back there. I call him in the middle of the night and he always calms me down."

Her life is looking up now, but the brutalities she has suffered have left their scars. And those scars cannot be easily undone. Do we imagine the horrors one must have gone through when we judge them for their actions?

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