Software Engineer From Pune Quits Life Over Job Security!

The extreme step was taken in the wake of increasing job insecurity.

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‘I never had the classic struggle. I had faith.’ is what noted person once said. But what happens when the faith is shattered? What do we grapple on to? And, how do we solve the basic question of survival then?

Perhaps Gopikrishna Durgaprasad, a 25-year-old techie from Pune was facing the similar questions. His questions met an unfortunate end when he decided to call it quits and jumped to death from the terrace of a four-storied hotel he was staying at.

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Gopikrishna was a software engineer who hailed from Andhra Pradesh. He was only 3 days into his new job when he took this extreme step. The officials onto the case have retrieved a suicide note from his hotel room, written and signed in English saying, ‘In IT, there is no job security. I’m worried a lot about my family.’

A relative of the deceased said, ‘He was a good boy. He had no bad habits at all. He did his work and lived peacefully. I do not know what happened.’ The police are still unsure about the company he worked for.

Such was Gopikrishna’s misery that he inflicted 25 cuts on his left wrist with a knife. When he realised it to be a futile attempt, he then took to jumping off and committing suicide.

This incident comes forth in the wake of the major layoffs by the IT companies in recent times. Reports suggest that a union of IT employees is being formed to discourage the organisations from carrying out such practices

Information source: storypick

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