Snapchat CEO Says India ‘Too Poor’ For The App, Causes An Outrage Over Social Media

Anthony Pompliano raised his concerns about the slow growth of the app in a market like India.

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Evan Spiegel, the Chief Executive Officer of Snapchat recently found himself in the middle of a controversy after an ex-employee said the CEO stated that India is ‘too poor’ for Snapchat to consider expanding its user base. The 26-year-old CEO’s abominable comments were published this week, on 11th April, reports the Variety.

The report states that during a meeting Anthony Pompliano, a former employee, raised his concerns about the slow growth of the app in a market like India which has a growing mobile penetration. To which Spiegel allegedly replied, “this app is only for rich people, I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

After the report of his despicable comments came into light, twitter users started trolling and slamming Spiegel. Soon after #uninstallsnapchat and #boycottsnapchat started trending on the social media platform.

Here are some of the reactions:

Title image: abcnews

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