Snake On A Plane - When Shit Gets Real!

Trouble in paradise for passengers

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As if the movie “Snakes on a Plane” wasn't enough to give us creeps merely by watching it, some passengers got an unfortunate chance to experience this moment in real life while on a Mexico City flight. Ever wonder about the concept used in the movie wherein tons of deadly snakes pop out of nowhere on a transoceanic flight to scare off the passengers? Well as utterly idiotic this concept seemed in the movie, passengers on a Mexico City flight would definitely beg to differ.

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Passengers traveling from Torreon to Mexico City on Sunday's Aeromexico flight got to witness a frightening serpent which dropped straight from the overhead compartment. The snake was believed to be a venomous green viper. Passengers at first sight were taken aback by this unreal sight, but the passengers kept their cool. The area was vacated temporarily and the officials trapped the snake with a blanket once it dropped on the floor. Fortunately, no passengers got hurt and the flight eventually landed safely to Mexico City.

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Aeromexico gave a statement later that an ongoing investigation is going on to explain the sighting of snake on the flight. After the plane successfully landed, workers handled the situation professionally and were able to contain the poisonous snake appropriately.

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