Simple Tips For A Safe And Happy Rainy Season

It is almost the last phase of summer and the rainy season is on the verge of making its presence felt.We want you to have a safe and joyful rainy season

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It is almost the last phase of summer and the rainy season is on the verge of making its presence felt. The rain will bring a much needed relief from the scorching sun. But the more beautiful the rainy season may feel, the more hazardous it can get. We want you to have a safe and joyful rainy season and so we have these points for you to keep in mind.

A safe monsoon

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In case of a lightning or a thunderstorm, unplug all the electronic devices and stay away from all the electrical wirings. If you are outdoors during a lightening, stay away from the big trees and glass buildings that can get knocked down and damage their surroundings. Find a safe building or a spot with metal top for a shelter.

A healthy monsoon

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Take a note to not to have ​pani­puris​ and ice­creams from street vendors, for such street foods can bring in infections. Go for lemon, turmeric, cardamom, pepper and ginger dominated food for a healthier diet. Tea, coffee, soups and other hot beverages will give you a pleasant experience with the monsoon setting in. Go for healthy ​pakodas, bondas, bhajjias and all the rainy season ­beloved snacks!

Long drives on a rainy day

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Long drives on a rainy afternoon can be romantically upbeat, but driving on a rainy day can be quite dangerous. The driver should be well practiced and should follow safety precautions. One should always turn on car’s headlights and taillights during monsoon to avoid accidents. One should make sure to not to run into any pedestrians or animals and drive safely.

Use of umbrellas and raincoats

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If you are outdoors any time during this season, make sure you carry an umbrella or a raincoat. Pre­-plan your trips and stay prepared for any type of rain.

Outfits for rainy days

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Wear comfortable denims, an overcoat, sturdy t-­shirts and sport shoes or boots to keep away from the rains. Get a safety spot for your cell phones and watches for minimum damage during rains.

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Happy monsoon everyone!

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