If You Are Doing These Simple Things, You Are Adulting Like A Boss!

It's not as daunting as it feels!

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Every 20 something person living independently or wanting to live independently is perpetually in awe of and is also scared of adulting. In our grown up to do lists, we all want to check off adulting. Adulting has different meanings for everyone, but usually, we all think of adulting as this sword hanging on our heads. We’ve almost equated adulting with a scary mythological creature.

But is it really that hard or that scary? Or do we just have a very complicated notion of adulting?

If you ask me, adulting is just a set of little things that we sometimes take for granted and have to learn to do on our own.

Let us think of adulting as a series of small tasks you have to accomplish in your everyday life. Trust me, these tasks are really simple, and if you are doing these by yourself, you are adulting like a boss!

Staying hydrated

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Making a schedule and following it

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Remembering to have breakfast on time

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Having a sleep schedule

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Doing bank work/ managing finances all by yourself

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Thinking before speaking


See, not as daunting as it feels!

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