Signs That Suggests Your Friends Are Your Family Now

We call ourselves ‘social animals’ and the phrase perfectly captures what we are.We cannot survive without socializing and interacting with other people.

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We call ourselves ‘social animals’ and the phrase perfectly captures what we are. We cannot survive without socializing and interacting with other people. It is a fundamental need that needs to be satisfied. Without the company of others, we might feel down and even fall prey to depression.  Everyone has a bunch of close friends and a social circle that has been there with them since forever. The kind of comfort you get with them is unmatched.

Being around them makes out feel at home and the most mundane of things becomes exciting. We never realise when things take an unexpected turn and the friendship transitions into something more. They truly become a family outside of your family. We have listed six signs that tell you that your friends are not just your friends anymore, they are family now:

#1 Barging unannounced into each other’s room

They shamelessly walk into your room whenever they please. In fact shame, privacy and politeness are forgotten concepts now. Such friends will enter your house and break into your room as if it were theirs. When a friend begins to do that then make a note- they are going to do it forever and ever.

#2 Home is where the WiFi connects automatically

Auto-connecting free WiFi is the most explicit sign that will tell you that your home is theirs now and the converse is also true. Internet makes a bond stronger and what’s even better, it is free for eternity!

#3 Everybody thinks you’re “together”

This must have already happened with you. If it hasn’t then just wait for it. This phase is the worst and the most hilarious. Your girlfriend, boyfriend, family and the whole world- when everyone thinks of you as a couple in love then, surprise surprise, you’re more than friends.

#4 I'll be there for you... after I am done roasting!

Find yourself in trouble? Need a way out? Call your friend and be prepared to get roasted like a Seekh Kabab or worse. Don’t worry, they will still help you-only after they are done giving you a hard time about it! If your friend has done this to you then they have definitely crossed the line from friendship to something greater.

#5 Dealing with your royal mess

They know your mess, they will call it bulls**t and yet will listen to your problems patiently. They know how much you need them. After all, someone has to hear out for the zillionth time why your crush is more ruthless than Voldemort! Another great sign of a friend becoming a family.

#6 Money is not an issue

Money is not an issue, it never was and it never will be. When a friend keeps on pouring money on you regardless of how much you already owe him/her, you know it is something only a family member can do.

#7 Together since forever

If you can’t think of a time when it all began and your friend is in every story of yours, you know what that means. It has become a together-forever kind of a thing between you guys. If that is the case, congratulations! You have found a true friend who will stand by your side till the end!

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