Sibling Wars That Everyone With A Brother Or Sister Has Experinced

“War. war never changes”.when sibling war commences things get really stressful and that is when we truly understand the meaning of the word ‘paranoia’.

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“War. war never changes”. This is a quote from a very famous video game franchise fallout and it is absolutely true. Especially in case of siblings They may show some love at an older age or to the outside world. It may appear that growing up with a brother or sister is cool. The reality suggests is both true and false at the same time, Not every sibling stick together but when war commences things get really stressful and that is when we truly understand the meaning of the word ‘paranoia’.

Let's not stand on ceremony and being the article already!

1. The TV remote control is precious

It is the first thing that either one will take under their possession as soon as they get home

2. Food for Brawl

Things get even more intense when mom cooks something special. Fighting for food comes naturally, and if you fail to secure the larger serving, then it’s Game Over. This issue has often forced parents to have a fail-safe utensil which will hold half of whatever is kept on the table.

3. Work

One will pass it on to the other, and he/she will try to even the odds by doing the same. Blood gets spilled, punches or kicks fly on both sides and lamps get smashed. Deciding on household chores certainly means war.

4. Blackmailing

Blackmailing is the one thing that makes the other one your bit*h. Needless to say, siblings love using it on each other. Blackmailing could be anything, something you caught them doing, or something expensive that they broke or even failing a test. It's all golden information. This never leads to a happy ending, it always lead to war, a cold war.

5. Difference of opinion

It is so amazingly put in the above GIF that it really requires no explanation. Difference of views is a big deal. Especially for siblings. When they can’t prove why they are right then they resort to violence.

6. Putting you down

Remember when we said war never changes? This is a great example of that. War lives on till it gets settled and the best moment to exact vengeance is when their friends show up. It’s all evil laughs and Muhahahaha from there onwards.

7. Money grab

Money, money, money. It does not matter, whose money is it. If it is lying out there, unguarded and in a vulnerable
state it is going to get stolen by the other sibling. ‘Finders keepers’ is the law.

GIF Source: Giphy memecrunch, popsugar

How many of these things have you and your siblings done? Anything you’d want to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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