Remember The Game #TheDress? This Time It’s The Shoes That Is Perplexing The Entire World!

Basically, it is the light effect that is changing the colour of the shoes and the dress.

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What started two years back as just a ‘colour recognition’ game, today garnered so much popularity that a sequel of this game has been released and people are going crazy over this.

The game #TheDress which is also known as 'What Color Is This Dress?' was a huge success when started in late February of 2015.  It was basically a Tumblr post where the viewers were asked to identify the colour of the dress. The colour of the dress perplexed many and they ended up giving answers in two sets of colours which were - white and gold or black and blue.

The game turned out to be a huge debatable one and now following their own footsteps, a similar version of the game has been rolled out which is now asking you to identify the colour of the sneakers.

While some say that the colour is pink and white, others say it’s grey and aqua. The tweeple have jumped in again to give their view on what colour the shoes are:

Information source: ht, knowyourmeme

Title image: ht

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