Spoiler Alert: Sherlock's 'The Six Thatchers' Drops A Shocking Twist In The Ever-changing Plot!

New Year Sherlocked: Season 4 Episode 1 is here.

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The wait was finally undone as BBC went on and aired the much awaited Sherlock season with the first episode The Six Thatchers.

Fans and critics will both agree that although the last deliverance The Abominal Bride was far away from meeting expectations, everyone was eagerly waiting to see how Sherlock deals with the pesky Moriarty who is supossedly dead!

But with this first episode, the makers have signalled at some major change in plot and some real transformations when it comes to the lives of the chracters.

Warning! Spoilers ahead. Proceed at your own risk!

In this episode, they have killed a major character which is a huge turn down at this point. The loss of this character will bring about a tremendous melt down in the equations the main characters share.

And as far as the reveiw is concerned, yes people! Sherlock is definitely back with a bang!

The maniacal detective is high on drugs and struggling with a messy past, Watson with some issues of his own trying to find ground between his best friend and his mysterious wife Mary.

Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch), John Watson (Martin Freeman), and John’s wife Mary (Amanda Abbington) have captured most of the screenspace and their performances are pretty worthwhile even though the episode looks like 'We've seen this before'. The “Thatchers” is actually a series of destroyed busts of Margaret Thatcher; in the original Conan Doyle story but in this modern version they have made into a series of flashbacks for Holmes.

Though the episode did not divulge many turns, it has left the audiences wanting for more!

The next two episodes will follow on coming Sundays - with 'The Lying Detective' airing on January 8 and the as-yet-untitled finale will be out on January 15.

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