Shefali Vaidya Just Had An Egg-In-The-Face Moment. Here's How!

Twitter went abuzz when they found Shefali in a word-duel with this guy!

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Now dearies, who doesn’t know about the “Columnist - Swarajya, Tarun Bharat, Traveller, Photographer, Satirist, Mum to triplets. May be admin of a popular parody handle. Proud practising Hindu.” (as her Twitter bio reads), Shefali Vaidya. Known for her tongue-in-cheek tweets and her motor mouthed-ness, she sure isn’t the one to escape one’s attention.

But guess what, Shefali found a match for herself! Not in the way you think, ‘course! She found a counterpart to her verbal skills who not just matched her but gave it back to her in his slick style!

Meet Gaurav Sabnis, the man of the hour(ly tweets)!

In a recent incident where a Twitter user @chopdasaab pointed out how a word like “Bhagwaan” has been wiped out of song lyrics, dialogues etc, Shefali joined in, adding fuel to an uncalled - for fire. Enter Gaurav Sabnis whose replies to dear Shefali marked up to nothing short of a playlist!

 Source: twitter

Here’s when you can read it for yourselves!

Classic case of much ado about nothing, no?

Title image: missionmodi

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