She Didn’t Have Shoes To Wear, Still She Owned 3000 Mt. Championship

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India has no shortage of passionate people, rather many of them are taking efforts very passionately on the fields as an athletes. Unfortunately, very few of them can able reach up to the finish line. Not having a family sport or a financial conditions are the reason behind destroying their goals. Their passion and sweat is what fuels their ambition and their zeal to win.

India is a country where sportism is said to be an unrealistic. India is privileged by many such legends like Milkha Singh, Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal. These people were also ordinary who were just passionate about a particular sport, but their strength and efforts took off to sky.

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Here we have a girl, who dreamt day and night with her passion. She is Sayali Mhaisdhune. She didn’t have shoes to wear, still her crazy mind for passion didn’t stop her to bow a running pitch. She dreamt of two important things i.e. A will that can never defeated, and the ability to run like the wind.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

Everyday she visualised her dream to be a successful athlete and her sweat was the reward. She ran with the wind and won the district level 3000 meters race without any shoes on! She couldn’t afford a pair of running shoes. Her father is a cobbler and the most he can provide her daughter like a shine is encouragement, and support to follow her dreams.

You make India proud Sayali! Keep on shining.

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