Shameless Miscreants Explode Fireworks In A Dog’s Mouth

Our cruelty knows no bounds.

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To say that man evolved from animals would be doing a disservice to animals, who can be kind, warm and loving. Man’s cruelty however, it seems knows no bounds.

Case in point being the atrocity that has been wrought upon a dog that was found in Houston, Texas with her mouth ripped open and in shreds with her eyeballs popping out.

The reason? Some inhuman and vile people thought it would be funny to stuff her mouth with fireworks and then set fire to them. The result? You can see it for yourself

This dog was found wandering the streets of Houson in a dreadful condition.

Although efforts were immediately made to save her, the damage was beyond repair and she was mercifully put to rest. She was later christened “Bonita” which means beautiful in Spanish and Portuguese.

There’s an online petition that has been launched asking the local authorities to find the perpetrators behind this dastardly act. You can access it here.

More recently, we back home have also seen a rise in the number of cases of animal-cruelty what with incidents involving people flinging dogs off roofs, or one guy stabbing puppies in New Delhi. It is acts like these that make you wonder, is humanity dead?

If you come across any such incident, report it to the police immediately.

Source: PI

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