Shah Rukh Khan Lashes Out At Egyptian Comedian Over A Ridiculous Prank

Ramez Underground is a reality TV show and many celebrities in the show have been pranked before.

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Shah Rukh Khan is Bollywood’s most versatile and funny actor and is famous for his hilarious pranks and quirky sense of humour. Badshah Khan is not one of those who lose their temper easily and but when he does then nothing can stop this storm. Remember the Wankhede incident?

Well, recently Shah Rukh lost his cool and lashed out during a live shoot of an Egyptian show. The host of the show Ramez Underground at Ramadan TV, Ramez Galal, pranked him, in the middle of a dessert.

SRK is a brand ambassador of Dubai tourism and was there to shoot a promotional video. The shoot was taking place in the desert with TV presenter Nishant, who, reportedly, was also involved in the prank.

While travelling in the desert SRK’s driver pretends to lose his way and ends up landing the vehicle in quicksand.

See what happened next:

So, obviously, when SRK came to know about the prank he burst out on the anchor and then the anchor who was also an SRK fan was seen pleading him and asking him for forgiveness.

Ramez Underground is a reality TV show and many celebrities in the show have been pranked before. The clips of the show are going viral, where SRK is seen stuck in quicksand with a popular TV presenter.

Well, after all this high voltage drama the anchor of the show posted a video where he is with SRK to clear that things are indeed normal between the two.

Anchor Ramez has previously pranked many international celebrities which include Paris Hilton and Antonio Banderas, but this time he must have felt like, "you can’t mess with an Indian".

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