Sexiest Athletes At The Rio Olympics

Men and women from all different nations will turn up to show off those ripping muscles. It will be a sea of strong arms, fierce legs and toned torsos.

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When the 2016 Olympic Games kick off tomorrow in Rio, we will begin to witness the finest athletes from around the entire globe. But it will be close to impossible to take your eyes away from the talent, from the determination, and from those bodies. Men and women from all different nations will turn up to show off those ripping muscles. It will be a sea of strong arms, fierce legs and toned torsos.

So, we decided to compile a nifty guide to the sexiest athletes participating at the Games for your viewing pleasure. Take a gander!

1. Michelle Jenneke

Source: Knowyourmeme

The Track & Field specialist in Hurdles from Australia is famous for her little warm-up dance routine.

2. Michael Phelps

Source: USAMag

The living legend from USA has won 18 Olympic gold medals (22 total!) and that only makes him sexier!

3. Aly Raisman

Source: Gymcastic

Raisman, an American, is the returning gold medal winner for Gymnastics, to this year’s games, and since her last victory, she competed on Dancing with the Stars in the interim.

4. Jordan Burroughs

Source: TheOpenMat

Burroughs, from USA, is an Olympic champion in both freestyle wrestling and off-mat sense of style.

5. Serena Williams

Source: HuffPost

The glamorous diva of tennis from USA is one of the best athletes to ever walk on earth!

6. Sebastian Sole

Source: Ciacha

The Argentine, known as much for spiking volleyballs over the net as for his sense of style, is a star all around.

7. Mariana Pajon

Source: EnglishPage

Pajon, from Colombia, took home the gold at the 2012 London Olympic games for BMX-Cycling, and has won 14 world championships in her life. Talk about talent!

8. Chris Wyles

Source: Pinterest

The rugby player from USA usually plays a fullback or a wing, but he can also play a centre, which is good because once he steps on the field, he’s sure to be the centre of attention.

9. Saina Nehwal

Source: ReckonTalk

The ace shuttle player from India has fans around the world. And there’s no reason to wonder why!

10. Marcelo Chierighini

Source: Pinterest

The stylish competitive swimmer from Brazil is poised to break out in a big way on his home turf.

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