7 Movies Where A Woman Could Have Easily Played The Male Lead

We hope getting a female actor to essay a strong, powerful role proves to be food for thought for Bollywood movies.

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We’ve grown up watching Bollywood movies that were mostly weaved around the story of a strong-super-male character. Talking about the clichés our industry has attempted, portraying a man in a super hero and saviour avatar seemed to be the most essential part of the movie.

Sadly, this concept of male centric films went ahead for a long span of time, until some really good female centric movies knocked off at the theatres. 

A typical Bollywood masala movie has a Macho man dancing around the girls on some remixed item song. A lot many times we also see, the male actors are seen portraying quintessential role who stand up to influence many. Most of the times, the profession of the male lead in a film is gender neutral, it can be played by a man and also a woman, like a lawyer or a cop. So, in the spirit of International Women's Day, we thought why not imagine a scenario where the male leads of a few film were swapped and played by women.

Here are 7 Bollywood movies which could’ve easily swapped a male lead with a female one.

1. Nayak

Source: bestoftheyear

If a common man can become a CM overnight, so can a woman. Many say women are good at managing things, multi-tasking and taking the lead whenever necessary. Who is the better leader is clearly not the debate; it is just the depth of the role we thought could’ve made any actress to pull off.

2. Jolly LLB

Source: indiatoday

Though the movie is based on real life scenario, this brilliant movie strongly puts forward the role of two outstanding advocates who fight their way to veil and unveil the truth. A woman can be a good advocate and getting a woman to essay such a role would’ve been a great thing to do.

3. Krrish/ Flying Jatt

Source: erospic

If Hollywood can have Wonder Woman and Powerpuff Girls then so can we. With an age old concept of men being a super hero, making a female actress portraying a role of super woman just never crossed the minds of any film maker.

4. Mein Tera Hero

Source: ozee

Well, the name itself says it all. Though the movie was a total time-pass to watch, the logic of essaying a man as a hero is what bothering us. Why could it not be- Me Teri Heroine?

5. Dabangg

Source: cinemachaat

Lady Dabangg’s do exist in real life; be it a fierce lady inspector or a powerful politician. The heroic impact that Salman comes up with, the character of super cop is the simplest part to be roped by any Indian actress.

6. Sultan

Source: bilkulonline

A wrestler's journey who comebacks into the akkhada by defeating all odds that came his way, why was it Aarfa who had to sacrifice her own career in order to match up to his. Why wasn’t it the other way round?

7. Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Source: 21stcenturyindian

It’s that movie which was declared ‘legendary’ by all the ‘bechare boys’ who went through the trauma of falling in love. Though there came a movie called ‘love ka the end’ that made boys stand in negative light; unfortunately it failed to create huge impact as PKP did. With girls taking the lead and conquering over it, we can hope for a movie that is equally befitting.

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