From Cats To Rabbits And From Foxes To Deer, Each Species Has Its Own Island In Japan!

Where animals rule.

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Yes, you read it right. Fantastic as it may sound, Japan consists of entire islands which have three, sometimes even more, animals for every person inhabiting that place. Such islands also give Japanese tourism a boost. Read on to learn about these islands where animals rule, literally!

1. Aoshima, the Japanese Cat Island!

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Aoshima Island is situated in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan. The island has a cat population that is larger than that of the people living there.

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Since the cat population is so much, one cannot find any dogs in the island and the population of cats grew and the locals believe that cats bring good luck and fortune and so they are not to be harmed.

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The permanent residents on the island are local fishermen and they have also made cat shrines in the island.

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Many years back, the fishermen used cats’ behavior to predict weather but once a cat died, trapped in a fish net.

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The people felt very bad for the cat and buried it respectfully. Since then, cats are never harmed and are a sign of good omen in the island.

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It’s said that there are 6 cats for every single person living on the island!


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2. Zao, the Fox Village!

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The Zao fox village is considered as one of the cutest places on earth and heaven for animal lovers!

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The village is situated in the northwest at Miyagi prefecture, Shiroishi. Although people are already given food before entering the theme park, since the foxes are not trained, small children and feeding with hands is not allowed.

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In Japan, people believe that foxes are the messengers of a Shinto deity, provide fertility and prosperity and have mystical powers. The foxes are not domesticated and roam freely; one definitely has a feeling of entering into the wild and seeing such a large number of foxes.

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The foxes found in the village are of 6 different species and an animal lover must go and take the experience of foxiness!

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3. Miyajima Island, the Deer island

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The Miyajima Island was once a volcano and currently has only 2,000 permanent residents, although the island has 4,000 visitors every year!

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It is considered as one of the holy places by the Japanese and has many shrines too. The deer island is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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One can see many beautiful deer on the island. Although the deer are large in number, the place is suitable for deer since it has the cherry blossoms and is surrounded by the sea, the animal lovers should go here and watch the breathtaking beauty.

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4. Ōkunoshima Island, the Rabbit island

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The Ōkunoshima Island is located in the city of Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan.

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The island is referred to as Rabbit Island because there are actually tamed rabbits in large numbers who approach humans and are too cute. More than 100,000 rabbit lovers visit the island every year and to protect them, visitors are not allowed to take any dogs on the island.

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In the year 1971, there were only three rabbits which grew in the population so much that you can find the rabbits everywhere on the island.

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The rabbit island was the site of Japan's secret chemical-weapons production factory during World War II and the island factory produced more than 6 kilotons of toxic gases which were tested on rabbits.

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But now the island is listed safe and has produced more rabbits than the living humans in the island.

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