More than 7000 Sejals To Meet ‘Harry’ Shah Rukh Khan

The first song of the film will be launched in Ahmedabad, which has a large number of 'Sejals', say the filmmakers.

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Not just one, but "Harry" aka Shah Rukh Khan will meet thousands of Sejals. Well, you heard it right - over 7000 Sejals across the country have written to SRK, who will now meet his counterparts.

A few days back, King Khan had posted a video in which he mentioned that he will visit that city which has the maximum number of girls with the name 'Sejal'- also the name of the protagonist of his upcoming film, Jab Harry Met Sejal.


This was a contest run by the makers of Jab Harry meet Sejal under the tagline of the film- 'What you seek is seeking you'. The Jab Tak Hai Jaan actor has undertaken a journey to seek girls named Sejal across the country.

The contest was run across the country where any girl named Sejal had to give a missed call on a number. More the 7000 girls participated and the highest number of girls named Sejal came from the city of Ahmedabad.

Now as decided, the Dear Zindagi star will now be taking a trip to Ahmedabad to meet his many Sejals.

The Badshaah of Bollywood will not only meet these Sejals but also launch the very first song of his film, called 'Radha'.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali, Jab Harry Met Sejal will hit the theatres on August 4. The film will feature Shah Rukh as a hardcore Punjabi Harinder Singh "Harry' Nehra along with Anushka Sharma as the deep-dyed Gujarati girl Sejal Parikh.

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