Ever Seen Shadow Doodles? See These 20 Illustrations From Artist Vincent Bal’s Perception!!

Blending imagination into reality.

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A doodler from Belgium who loves to create witty shadow doodles, Vincent Bal is also a film maker and procrastinator who turns everyday objects into fun illustrations with his out of the box imagination every time.

Since Vincent is a filmmaker, while he was working on his script, he saw how his tea cup made a nice shadow on the piece of paper. He drew some lines on the shadow and suddenly it looked like an elephant. He took a picture of it from his phone and that day was his first of his shadow art journey until now he has not stopped making it.

1. Dog on wheels

 2. Shadow from a duck

3. Grab your coat and take your hat

4. Love on shadow beach

Source: boredpanda

5. Life under a magnifying glass

6. Escape from alcaglass

7. She's the light of my life, said the crazy scientist

8. Dinner music

Source: boredpanda

9. Scissors see rock

Source: boredpanda

10. Earring of the swan princess

11. Another golden reindeer victim

12. Birdy on shore leaf

Source: boredpanda

13. Subway romance

14. Show and smell

15. Doesn't want to draw attention

Source: boredpanda

16. Classy glassy

17. Vegetarian wolf

18. Mickey sprouts

19. Tanqueray Blvd

Source: boredpanda

20. Tic Tac Train Traveller

Source: boredpanda

So Vincent’s journey started with a doodle every day from a shadow and a silly punchline and he was shocked himself seeing how much people liked it! He defines his art with no restrictions where he enjoys a lot and recognizes a shape! You can have a look on more of his drawings on Instagram too!


Here we have one video of Vincent's illustrations too:


If you want to have these amazing shadowology doodles on prints and postcards for your loved ones, you can check out the Etsy listing by Vincent Bal.

Title image: boredpanda

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