Science Of Deduction And Watson’s Blog: These Real Websites From BBC’s Sherlock Will Blow Your Mind!

Watson’s Blog mentioned below are Sherlock tie-in websites produced by BBC, written by Joseph Lidster and created by Hartswood Films.

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Did you know that these websites do exist in our real world?

Right from us fantasizing about science of deduction when we watched Sherlock working on it to wanting to read Watson’s Blog ever since we got to know he writes, we longed to visit websites that have been thought to exist only in reel life boiling down in our dreams and fantasies. But say no more! They exist in real!

These websites mentioned below are Sherlock tie-in websites produced by BBC, written by Joseph Lidster and created by Hartswood Films. These websites were created to correspond to the websites and blogs mentioned in the BBC’s TV Series on Sherlock Holmes. They are so real that they will literally blow your mind! Without much ado, let’s take a look:

The Science Of Deduction

Website: Thescienceofdeduction

This Website is designed to look like the Sherlock Holmes website where he writes about his theories of deduction. This website plays an important role in the Episode 03 of Season 01 ‘The Great Game’ where Sherlock uses it to hint Moriarty that he has solved all of his puzzles and signals him to meet at the pool.

The website consists of Case Files of all the cases mentioned in the series and also includes some off-screen cases. It also has hidden messages where someone sends coded messages to Sherlock.

Dr. John H Watson’s Blog

Website: Johnwatsonblog

This website has a copy of all the blogs mentioned in the TV series along with some comments from the characters in the series. The website also consists of the cases which were mentioned but weren’t explained, like ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’.

Molly Hooper’s Diary

Website: mollyhooper

The website consists of Molly Hooper’s blogs of Sherlock and her cats. It also hints on her short relationship with Jim Moriarty who then was Jim from IT.

There’s also an official Twitter account of Irene Adler handled by herself:

How great are these! Much like our dreams coming true.

Did you know these websites were for real? Let us know below!

Title image: Bbc

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