SBI Asks Employees Not To Burp As It’s Irritating!

Looks like SBI is all set to set an example for workplace etiquette!

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Etiquettes are something that everyone must follow at the workplace. There are a few etiquettes that everyone has mutually agreed upon, like wearing formals or wearing proper shoes instead of flip-flops, but imagine someone telling you, “Don’t burp! It’s irritating!”. Weird right?

But this is exactly what SBI has done. In latest circular prescribing etiquette guidelines, SBI asked all its employees to not burp.

Looks like SBI wants to compete with the British Royalty in terms of etiquettes!

According to The Hindu, in a communication on social etiquettes to all 2,68,705 staff members, SBI had a strong directive against burping, especially during meetings.

“In order to ensure an acceptable level of decorum in the workplace is maintained (sic), all employees should adhere to a model dress code,” the HR department at SBI said.

“One of the key elements that contributes to the emotional value and image of a service brand is the way its representatives carry themselves while interacting with customers, associates and other relevant constituents. Every employee is a Brand Ambassador for the Bank and his or her appearance and demeanour have an impact on the image of the Bank,” the circular said.

The circular also urged all the employees to dress formally.

"T-Shirts, Jeans and sneakers/sports shoes etc. should not be part of attire," the circular added.

According to the circular, senior male employees should wear formal or semi-formal clothes and should wear a tie when meeting customers. Whereas the prescribed dress code for female employees is formal Indian or western wear.

According to reports, the circular also had grooming tips.

“Avoid unkempt look (unshaven/ruffled hair”; “practice adequate personal hygiene to keep bad breath/body odour away”; and “keep footwear clean at all times,” it said.

A few other suggestions included having same colored shoes and belt, wearing a plain tie for a checked shirt and a tie with some design for a plain shirt, matching socks for trousers, etc.

Looks like SBI is all set to set an example for workplace etiquette!

Information and cover image sourced from thehindu

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