Opinion: Hit Them Where It Hurts The Most...SAY NO TO CHINA

Our soldiers' blood is our blood after all.

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As Pakistan attacked Uri, Indians realised that the real enemy is China. There was a sponteneous reaction from common Indians to just ban Chinese goods. No if. No But. Just ban. This was a mix of 'knee jerk' and also 'deliberate and thought out' response.

Indians buy Chinese goods and China uses its money to build infrastructure in Pakistan, that too through PoK. Then Pakistan uses that money to train terrorists, buy weapons and attack India. Indian politicians who ask for proofs may be shameless, common Indian citizens are not. They trust the Army and respect the men in uniform.

A strong sense of nationalism swept through the masses. A movement to ban Chinese products gathered steam There was no leader who wanted to take the credit for this sudden eruption of emotions. It was just the thought. The common man, the one who threw out traitors with his/ her finger in 2014 elections also now decided enough is enough.

People did not buy and even now are not buying Chinese made crackers or Chinese made lights. Many are not upgrading to iPhone 7 as they are waiting for it to be Made In India.

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Immediately some newspapers and even otherwise logical and neutral platforms explained how India cannot exist by banning China made stuff. They tried to counter emotions with logic. If only they knew whom they are dealing with. This time it is the common Indian who has decided not to be the reason for his army brothers' death. The soldier's death is because i am buying Chinese products - this thought is gainning ground. The soldier is dying for me and sadly also because of me. That's it. People stopped buying Chinese goods.

So, many times we feel and also some over intelligent people make us feel that we, the common middle class, and even more so a single person cannot make a differnce. But this time this common middle class person has hurt the huge behemoth that is China so much that the official state media of China published an article saying banning our goods will damage bilateral talks between India and China!

And...if they say so...then so be it! Chal...ab to dekh hi lete!

Now that we know they are hurt, it only means what we are doing is right. So this is the time double our attack and strangulate the Dragon even more. Let the soldiers be on the borders, let us fight from here within. So that the soldiers have less work on the border. Less blood will flow. Our soldiers blood is our blood afterall.

China is hurt. That is clear. There is huge pressure on its economy to generate jobs. We should not be the ones who are creating their jobs. The Government can officially not say ban Chinese goods, but we should  understand that this is what is to be done. So once again...all CAPS this time...#SAYNOTOCHINA

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