Sanjay Dutt In Trouble Again, This Time For A New Reason

Neighbours complain to the cops against Sanjay Dutt twice in 20 days

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Sanjay Dutt can’t seem to keep himself away from the cops. In the latest update about his trysts with the law, neighbours of the actor filed a complaint against him for playing loud music in the night hours. This is the second time when cops dropped at his residence in 20 days, to tell him to keep the music volume low.

The first incident happened on 20th January, while the second took place recently, on Thursday. This has become a serious issue for the residenst of Pali Hill who are planning to raise this issue in the next meeting. Sanjay's neighbours have also requested the zonal DCP to take strict action against him.

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In a statement published in Dr Amitav Shukla, chairman of the Pali Hill Residents’ Association said, “We had sent him a warning letter the last time but he has not changed. We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour in Pali Hill. The issue will be raised at the next AGM meeting and we have also asked the zonal DCP to take strict action against Sanjay Dutt". 

This is not the first time when Sanjay’s neighbours complained against his house party disturbance. Way back in 2009 during a Mata ki Chowki a neighbour raised issues regarding the disturbing volume at midnight hours.

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