Redefining Sanitary Products: All You Need To Know About The Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins & Tampons

We are glad that Dia Mirza has raised this issue!

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With a number of options to choose from- tampons, napkins and menstrual cup; how many of us have thought of the impact of these products do after dumping them?

According to the survey done in 2011, 9000 tonnes of menstrual waste (majorly sanitary napkins) was generated in India, every month. These napkins dumped in the household waste are often collected by the waste pickers with bare hands.

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Thankfully, this issue came into the limelight when Bollywood actress- Dia Mirza, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, India, raised awareness about the environmental issue related to the disposal of sanitary products.

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So girls, if you want to contribute a little on leaving fewer carbon footprints on the Earth, then worry not!

Here’s the list of products you can use to make dumping yard a better place to dump!

1. Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins:

A lot many brands are available in the market that produce biodegradable napkins. Don’t believe us? Check this out:

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1. Natracare
2. The Honest Co.
3. Organyc
4. Maxim
5. Natratouch
6. Purganics

2. Menstruation cup:

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These cups are reusable. Once you dump the contents of the cup in the toilet or sink; thoroughly rinse the cup with water.

3. Tamp liners:

Source: stylist

In a recent evolution, Callaly’s launched a tamp liner- an upgraded version of the tampon. They rolled out an organic cotton tampon and mini-liner that 100% biodegradable. The actual ratio is 95% biodegradable and 5% non-recyclable (made from plastic).

Information Source: stylist, huffingtonpost

Title image: stylist, inhabitat

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