Samsung Unveils 34-Foot Long 4K LED Movie Theatre Screen

It has the ability to display movies at a brightness level 10 times higher than standard cinema projectors.

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Cinemas are going to replace projectors, or at Samsung seems to think so as, on Tuesday, it unveiled a 4K (4096x2160) LED screen designed specifically for movie theatre use.

The screen that measures a massive 34-foot has the ability to deliver High Dynamic Range (HDR) content and is claimed to offer peak brightness which is 10 times higher than the conventional cinema projections (146 fL over 14 fL). It also comes with ultra-contrast and low tone grayscale settings which enables it to display both the brightest colours and deepest blacks at a contrast ratio of nearly infinity to 1, reports The Techspot.

Source: ibtimes

Revealed during the Cinemacon 2017 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Samsung says the screen can be used for viewing not only movies but to also display sporting events, corporate events, concerts or gaming competitions.

According to The Verge, the display of the screen is, however, smaller than most movie theatre projections, especially IMAX. A conventional screen can be between 45 and 65 feet wide, whereas IMAX theatres normally have a 72-feet wide screen.

Although the Korean company hasn’t revealed the price tag that will be on the cinema screen, The Engadget gives a hint that, as compared to the price tag of $30000 of Samsung’s upcoming 88-inch Q9 TV, the 34-foot screen is going to cost a fortune for all except the cinema chains (and the very rich).

With the launch of these huge cinema screens, Samsung is all set to expand from the consumer market into the cinema business.

Information source: Engadget

Title image: Youtube (representative image)

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