Salman Khan Reportedly Removed Arijit Singh’s Song From Sultan

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Salman Khan took the final call of removing Arijit Singh’s song from Sultan. He is in no mood to forgive Arijit despite the latter’s desperate attempts in public by forgiving for his deed. Reportedly, Salman Khan read his apology letter on Facebook but did not feel any sympathy towards him.

Source: emirates247

As Arijit Singh has no place in Sultan, now the same song will now be replaced by Salman Khan’s version. After getting praise for ‘Main hoon hero tera’, Salman is all set to record his second song at Yash Raj Studios.

The controversy of Arijit and Salman began three years go in award ceremony, where Arijit insulted to Salman on stage. Since three long years, Arijit is constantly trying to resolve the issues with Salman Khan, but Salman Khan is not willing to forgive Arijit.

Anyway, taking a panga with Bhai is the worst thing you can do in Bollywood to be honest

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News Entertainment Food Travel World Events Nagpur Pune Reacho

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