Saif And Kareena Named Their Baby ‘Taimur’ And The Significance Of The Name Will Freak You Out!

Well, quite a name that is!

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Bollywood’s most favorite couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor were blessed with a beautiful baby boy and we could not be happier for them. The proud parents along with their family were extremely excited and over the moon to welcome young Taimur Ali Khan into their world. Well yes, the baby boy is named Taimur and our curious minds could not help but wonder at the significance behind this name and who really was Taimur? The answer will certainly leave you flabbergasted. Let’s take a look.

Now, Taimur or Timur was a savage and ruthless Turco-Mongol conqueror born in 1366, and believe it or not, was the man behind destruction of Delhi in 1398. Timur, often termed as the ‘terror king’ was a dreaded invader who demolished ancient cities to the ground, killed his entire populations with his sword and the list goes on and on. Practitioner of Islam, Timur relied greatly on Islamic language and symbols and fondly referred to himself as ‘Sword of Islam’ and disdained religious and educational institutions.

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On the other hand, Timur was well known as a connoisseur of arts, architecture and literature. He envisioned the restoration of the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan and led many successful military campaigns across Western, South and Central Asia and emerged as the most powerful leader in the Muslim world after defeating the Mamluks of Egypt and Syria. Taimur was the great-great-great-grandfather of Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire. Well, this was a superficial overview of the dreadful emperor’s history.

 Now let’s understand the significance behind this name:

Taimur means ‘Iron’. It is believed when Taimur was in the middle of a difficult battle; he took cover in a nearby cave and saw an ant climbing the wall of the cave. The relentless ant kept falling in its pursuit to climb the wall, but eventually managed to do it. This motivated Taimur greatly and he went on to win the battle. He was the epitome of bravery. This could have been the motivation behind naming the baby Khan as Taimur.

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Well, one might wonder whether the celebrity couple took the ‘Nawab’ status too literally and went a little overboard in naming their son.

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