Saif's Open Letter About Nepotism Will Leave Even The Learned Stupefied!

Says, he doesn't believe in it anyway.

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After a clear sea comes a storm, they say. Just when Kangana’s nepotism remark was dying down, it has reared its ugly face. We thank Saif, Varun and Karan for this one! As if we didn’t have some daunting, first world problems that we needed this one!

In the recently held IIFA, Saif humorously reminded Varun that he is there "Because of your pappa", to which Varun replied, “You are here because of your mummy”. Karan joined in the fun by adding that he, too, is there because of his father. The trio then shouted “nepotism rocks”.

Varun then followed up the already cringe-worthy exchange by singing “Bole Chudiyan, Bole Kangana” from Karan’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Karan replied, “Kangana nahi bole to accha hai” (It’s better if Kangana doesn’t speak).

But this backfired. The internet went abuzz slamming them, going to the extent of calling them delusional and what not! Sensing that the issue is not “saif”(pun intended), the Nawaab penned an open letter explaining a lot of things which meant…errr, never mind, we couldn’t understand ourselves!

But we’ll bring you excerpts of the letter which will make to rack your brains to understand what Mr Khan’s been trying to say.

"“Nepotism Rocks” was a joke on stage. It’s not something that I wrote or something I believe in."

Right! If you didn’t believe in it, you’d probably just let it pass off. But it hurts where it hurts!

"We wish each other happy birthday or offer condolences on social media. This is another reason I don’t want to be on any social media platform — it feels fake."

Dear Saif, wishing someone on a social media platform also happens when one does not have the other person’s contact number or when two people don’t share such a camaraderie to have a phone/text conversation but you still want to extend your warm wishes nevertheless!

And OMG, what’s with the rude tone lashing the poor girl from Elle? I’m sure the Nawab could put across his point in a gentleman way if not sugar-coating it!

"As for the girl from Elle: I’m sorry you found words like eugenics in a conversation about nepotism misplaced. Perhaps if you got your head out of the hemline of the actress of the month and read a book, your vocabulary might improve."

"The real flag bearer of nepotism, I’d say is the media. Look at how they treat Taimur, Shahid’s daughter Misha or even Shah Rukh’s son AbRam. They photograph them and hype them up to be the next big thing and the child has no choice."

Will someone get me a dictionary? High time the real meaning being classroom-taught to Saif!

"So yes, maybe I got a chance because of my mother, but that is more genetics than nepotism. It’s a genetic investment that the producer was making."

Why is that goddard dictionary not here yet?!

"They want to imagine me as a privileged prince and so, it’s nice to pull me down once in a while, I imagine."

Hmmm.. An acute case of borderline narcissism!

"And to the idiot who gave the example of Arjun Kapoor for nepotism, I would just like to say that every film he has done, has worked. He should be an inspiration as an unlikely hero, not pulled down for nepotism. And that is the reason he is here."

*Interviewing people next to me* Name some superhits Arjun Kapoor has delivered? One is left dumbstruck and the other one says he’d be enlightened about life before he figures out this answer. So, Nada, I guess?

High time Saif should let his publicist work and keep calm by keeping kaam-se-kaam. And get some kaam, for the love of God.

Title image: Indiatimes

Information source: DNA

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